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Originally Posted by atreides View Post
My point is that the shallower the pool and therefore the smaller the amount of water, the lower an object will sink. Think of this way. Everything else being equal, why do you float better in a 6X6X4 pool than a 6X6X3 pool and even better in a 6X6X10 pool. Well there is 108 cubic ft of water pushing against you in the 3 ft deep pool versus 144 cubic ft of water in the 4 ft pool and 360 cubic ft in the 10 ft pool. That's why Elskbrev felt more buoyant in the 10 ft pool than he did in the 4 ft pool. He didn't sink as much in the 10 ft pool because it probably had a lot more water.
Nope. If that were the case, people would float on the surface of an ocean. As long as there is enough water to fully surround your body, you will float if your body weighs less than the water it displaces.

If a ship floats in the ocean it will also float in the Panama Canal if it will fit in the lock.

Buoyancy seeming greater in deep water is a psychological reaction.
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