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Thanks Andy
I gave this a try and i got over 1/2 a lap ahead early on without trying and then i just held a pace to keep in that position and this allowed me to relax more knowing i was in front of my goal.
I swam what would have been a 10.10-10.15 as i got held up in the last couple of laps from other swimmers but this was a PB.

Hi Terry
I hear what your saying as these are probably what you call garbage laps but the problem is now the outdoor 50m pool has closed and it gets very populated in the indoor 25 and makes it hard to do drills at times.
I realize that this will not help my swimming and i intend to improve my stroke and reduce my SPL through the year with the drills and ninja type sessions when possible but when it gets populated i will be using the TT to give me a guide where i am during the 20 lap/40 lap/60 lap session holding a pace and to be able to increase/decrease that pace to be able to complete the 1500 in 30 minutes.

My TI skills are atrocious after watching myself on video but i will be working on them and like you said in another thread "in the end the health and happiness swimming brings you is the real goal" and if i can reach my goal also, then i will be real happy :)

My Goal to swim 1500 meters in under 30 minutes
EDIT-my goal was achieved Oct 12 2013 with 22 seconds to spare in a 25 meter pool, Thanks TI
Next goal is to achieve this in a 50 meter pool.
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