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Default My 2012 Goal

Now summers over here its no more ocean swims and back to the pool with a new goal.

For most people here this would be a slow swim but for me i think it will be one more step forward(Or one less stroke :) )

Currently i am swimming 20*25 meter laps (500 meters) at a best time of 10.30 and to do this 3 times for 1500 meters i am at 11.00 per 500 for a 33 minute swim.

So what i would like to achieve is a consistent 1500 meter 30 minute swim.

Several months ago i was swimming about 11 to 11.30 minutes for 500 but the last couple of pool swims i have been able to improve on my turns which i believe has taken a second or so off which in turn gives me less rest so now it's going to be all down to technique for some more time shedding and energy saving.

What i found out just today also by reading the Tempo Trainer manual and that i am sure everyone else already knows is that it has a mode 2 that i am going to make use of.

By setting the TT to 31 seconds and trying to complete my lap turn on the beep i think this will be a good start and will get my time down to a 10.20

I think i would be better this way with the TT than setting an SR as i will then know each lap where i am at for more consistent lap time and to see where my times starts to drop off.

Then when i seem to be able to achieve this consistency it will be onto the 30 second setting for a 10.00 minute 500 meter to follow with a 20 minute 1000 meter and finally a 30 minute 1500.

It would be nice if the TT could be set at 30.5 for a 10.10 time for a more gradual increase but its not possible so I'll have to make do with a 1 second lap improvement.

Well that's the plan and we'll see what happens.

It's drill time.
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