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So, I've had the weight room orientation that came with my YWCA membership and found out I've been doing a lot of things wrong for years. Good to finally know how to do these exercises right. :-)
This morning I warmed up with 400 meters of drills; 4x25 Active balance looking down with fins, 4x25 streamline, alternating lead arms, 4x25 underswitch, and 4x25 single moving up to triple switches. On the triple switches I tried to maintain the feel of weight shift and power transfer that I had in underswitch. We did underswitches in club Friday night and I was happy to rediscover what they could do for my stroke.
Then I did my distance swim, this time 15x150. Forgot the Fist Gloves this time, and didn't add in quite as much back stroke. My stroke count was consistently low until I started to tire a bit around set 10. I got back my concentration by alternating 3 or 4 underswitches with 3 or 4 whole strokes for a few lengths each set. Next week I think I'll do even more underswitch, maybe alternate it with whole stroke until I can get that feeling every time in whole stroke.
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