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Originally Posted by shuumai View Post
I started thinking of mad ideas for helping people to swim without sight. Does anyone have experience with anything that falls into the area of obstacle detection (wall) and guidance (staying in the lane)? I don't mean being hit on the head by a pole with a tennis ball on the end or just stroke counting. More like electronics. Well, any experience anyone has of being a blind swimmer and/or working with a blind swimmer would be interesting hear from.
I train with and guide a blind swimmer in open water. I'd love to trade ideas with you. Terry told me I might be the only one sharing TI skills to blind swimmers that he'd heard of, and now I found you! I did some research and found these links that may interest you:

Techie system that seems questionable:

Adapt a tap (I'd LOVE to see this used in every meet with blind pool swimmers!):
Their website is currently down, but I've contated a couple of POCs to see if they are still available. I want to pickup a set for both ends of the lanes.

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