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Default CoachStuart: wrt "breathing and the catch " 45 degmax may have come from here.

Originally Posted by CoachBobM View Post
I would describe the new rotation as more on the order of 45 degrees in either direction. But keep in mind that stacked shoulders weren't what TI taught for freestyle swimming in either DVD. It was for drilling purposes.

The idea behind stacked shoulders was that it would give you a side-to-side balance, thereby making it easier to master a position like fish or skate. The problems with this were that (1) it was easy to overrotate, and (2) it gave swimmers no practice in how to achieve side-to-side balance with the amount of rotation they were actually going to use in freestyle swimming.

Terry began experimenting with having swimmers do fish (now called core balance) and skate with less rotation, and found that it didn't seem to cause them significant problems with mastering side-to-side balance. So that became the new drilling method, and in my experience, it has worked well.

And then on the Perpetual Motion video, the recommendation was enough to just "clear one shoulder."

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