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"to grow as a company and acquire the resources..."

Hi Terry,

I take this to mean simply, Top Line and Bottom Line Revenue growth. That being said, from my own experience, the adult onset "triathlete" or experienced but not necessarily "elite" triathlete, seems to me to be AN ideal customer(s). All of the characteristics you mention plus a "Captured Target Audience/Market" at any Triathlon event, especially a Sprint Tri anywhere, likely with an urgent desire to improve. I don't know how aggressively you have marketed to this group already, but I just cannot believe that there are not many new or current triathletes (and I believe it is a rapidly growing sport) that would love to have the experience I have had with TI, if they knew of TI. My experience:
March 2011- First Triathlon
Reverse Sprint 150m Swim in Pool 5 minutes, had to rest after each 50
May 2011
First Open Water Sprint Tri, 300m, panic attack, 9 minutes
July 2011
Started TI (found it on the web somehow)
September 2011 First Race Since Starting TI
Olympic Distance Tri, 1500m Ocean Swim. Up and down coast swim, Time 30:31 Top 1/3 Finish
Yesterday December 18, 2011
Long Beach, CA Sprint Tri 500m (Ocean Harbor) 7th out of water of 62.
Time is skewed because course was mis-measured. That or I set a world record :) with 6 others...

Today, back in pool, swam a mile. Because I love it.

I am 48 years old and have had no swimming coaching or experience prior to this year.
Paul Holcomb
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