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Your intuitive effort to develop a profile of the typical TI customer fits me like a glove. I also think that your current audience is technologially savvy and would prefer alternatives in how your product is distributed and a broader array of information.

As you think about strategies for expanding TI's reach, include questions in your survey that help focus and define how technology factors into your future vision for the website, product delivery, and TI's future profitability. My guess is that your sales potential is enormous if TI products are tailored to specific user needs. Technology allows you to cost-effectively reach customer niche markets.

I also think that TI could leverage its considerable appeal and brand by developing highly selective alliances with certain vendors. You don't have to try to do everything by yourself.

In the past five years, TI has made a contribution to my physical health, provided me a supportive and entertaining swimming community, and bolstered my confidence. I can't wait to experience what the next five years brings.

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