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Originally Posted by Swim4Him View Post
Sorry to hear you had to cancel the event :( But I know what you mean, when the stiffness and muscles just won't let you, there's no getting them to "let" you. I've recently begun an intense 6 day weight training program and have noticed that my swimming is being affected a bit because of it. So it's just a matter of pushing through or in our case... waiting patiently for things to work together again. I look forward to hearing how your recovery goes, and next swimming events. BTW your blogspot is pretty cool :)
Thanks for the note about the blog :) I actually just updated it...
btw my doctor said that I should be multi-disciplinary and do some weight lifting and running. According to him swimmer's bones tend to get thin over time due to lack of 'gravity' during exercise. It's a bit extreme bit worth noting.


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