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Default similarities between fly and freestyle

Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Hello Zenturtle, hello Danny, excuse us novaswimmer...

seems my assumption wasn't totally wrong. Tried it today. It feels easier to ondulate, when the hands are more below body than farther aside. And it feels as if the shoulders are less stressed. When pressing water back it feels as if body going to brake surface is more a side-effect than primary effort... And it is not so far from Betterfly as the two screenshots may show...

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PS: But now it should turn back to your thread, novaswimmer....
Hi Werner,

I moved this to another thread so as not to be changing the subject on the S-curve thread.

Perhaps there was a miscommunication between us. What your pictures show is that the swimmer (is that you?) is going in with his arms wide up front. What I was trying to say is that you do not want to be pressing the water with your arms in this position. Instead, you should wait until your arms are in the second position in your pics, because then you can push water back instead of down. So, if I understand you correctly, it seems that we do agree.

This amounts to what in freestyle is referred to as a "patient catch". The S-curve in fly is often referred to as a "keyhole" form because the upper part of the S is wider than in freestyle (due to no rotation) and the bottom part is narrower (for the same reason).
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