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Default Training for 3kms

I've been training hard for a 3km ocean swim. Just continuous swimming. I had been trying to teach myself TI, however found myself slipping back into my old routine. Slow swimming and loosing my motivation. Two weeks ago I managed to locate a TI Coach. Since then I have had two lessons and continue to practice my drills.

Prior to the TI training I was averaging 3 x swims a week.
1 x long pool session - 2km - 2.5km and 2 x ocean swims 1.4km - 1.8km.

I am seeing huge benefits from the change to TI, however I am a little concerned at loosing my swim fitness.

My question is this -Given that I only have 4 weeks until the swim- Do I keep up my drills and forgo any distance work or is it best to incorporate one distance session and two drill sessions?
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