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Default Thanks TI!

Did another triathlon today (1500m swim) in a choppy lake with 10-15 mph winds, and I'm still laughing about it. The swim was so easy, so relaxing, I wished it had been twice as long. This coming from me is like a cat wishing to take another bath. Unreal! Thanks TI

Took a two day TI workshop Aug 6th and 7th from coaches Kevin Millerick and Sarah. Enjoyed it tremendously. After the 'shop drilled 2 or 3 times a day most days at my gym on focal points and balance.

Did a sprint-tri a couple weeks later, and the swim was horrible. Too many focal points rolling around in my head. Thrashed, was tired afterwards, the usual.

Back to the pool and the drills every day. And a funny thing happened. I started noticing how that patient lead hand helps with balance and balance helps with breathing. How keeping the laser pointed where I want to go, especially during a rotation to breath with that patient lead arm out, allows me to glide. Drill drill drill.. Kept my bag in my car and whenever I had time, hit the gym to drill (10% swimming).

Back to the tri today. The horn goes off, the adrenaline is up, and I go into superman glide. I started a tri in superman glide! Then rotate to skate on the left, breath, skate on the right, breath, then into the swim relaxed. Whenever I'd get kicked in the head by someone coming across my line, superman glide, skate, get back to swimming. During the swim, for 15 strokes at a time I'd concentrated on one focal point out of an inventory of three I decided to work on at the race ('relaxed neck' to 'rotate just enough', to 'patient lead hand').

All the chop in the lake, just rolled with it (literally). It just didn't matter. It made it more fun. I was in my drills like at the pool, and just doing my thing.

Came out of the swim... I can't even describe. Unphased. Calm. Relaxed. 10 mins faster than I had been before (34mins, still slow for 1500m, but 10 mins faster than I've ever done before). Jumped on the bike and the rest of the day was just another day of hammer time except this time, I could not believe I just swam beforehand. I wasn't out of breath! I felt better than when I got in the water!

I've got a lot of swim stuff to work on, but it's much better to work on these drills than just more endless yards of the same worthless junk.

Again -- thanks TI.
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