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Default Goggles vs Mask

This isn't specific to freestyle but as this is the most active sub-group thought I'd post this here:

Who uses goggles and who uses a mask such as the Aqua Sphere Seal or Vista?

I personally use both. I tend to use goggles in the pool as I'm conscious of a mask being a bit dorky looking but I quite like using a mask in open water, particularly if the water is cold. I like that a mask has less pressure against the face compared to my goggles which I have to do up quite tight but I have noticed my mask can leak if I don't get the seal seated nicely. I can't wear 2 swim caps with my current mask for example.

Any other pros/cons?

I've never tried swedes although I know many people love them. Not sure I'd know how to set them up. Think I'd rather take a stray hand or heel to the face in a mask though in a mass start swim.

Do you swim in a swim cap? I don't in the pool as my pool is too warm and it's too much of a distraction when it keeps slipping but I do in open water for warmth and to be seen. I have shaved grade zero hair anyway.
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