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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post

. . .
Whatever works.
I notice that breathing on every 3rd makes my strokes more symmetric,
but sometimes I need more air, then I do it every second stroke.
I do n't see a principle or philosophical question here.
. . .
Why not?
They are good example for proper and effective technique, and
that is what we should go for.
Not everybody is able to reach the fitness level of a world class swimmer, but everybody can come close to a very efficient and high level swim stroke.
It's just a different focus when swimming.

So basically, I would take any advice, check it and do whatever works best. And best is always that what is most relaxed and efficient.
and best is not always what is most relaxed and efficient...
I learned this out from Katie pointing out (which has been done b/4 BUT
I couldn't see it, until see proved it to me in a video1

My legs were wider than they should be!
but now
I am learning to focus on this even in my everyday daily stride
when i walk on land! so when i bring it to the water it will not feel so demanding or hard on me!(but relaxed, easy and natural as it should be!)

i am learning
from YOU! (& katie....thanks again katie)
and i love it!

(one day I would love to talk as smart as you,
but understandin' Ya is half the battle!)
ain't It?

do n't sell the gals short...
they understand more than
ya think!

nothing personal
but ya always can send me a
private message

(P.S. I hope I never become a know it all
but continue to learn and grow and always improving!
do n't you?)

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