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Originally Posted by inca View Post
I've decided to try to learn the breast stroke, which I've never even attempted before. Right from the get-go, I am having a problem. I don't seem to understand how to do the "rotation" in this stroke. According to my understanding of the video, the "rod" (in freestyle that would be from top of head down the length of my body) I rotate on, should be through the center horizontally. But I can't seem to do this at all. Is there a different way of describing this 'undulation' so that maybe I could figure it out?
In breaststroke I think the body pivots somewhere around the hips or waist. Don't worry about that in the beginning. The TI learning sequence begins with working on the arm sweeps. That can be done starting with a flutter kick in a streamlined position. And/or you could use a dolphin kick.

Start in the "I" position the way you might push off from the wall. Sweep your hands out to the "Y" position. Then sweep the arms back around to the "I" position. As you do the propulsive part of the arm movement, just allow your knees to bend naturally. You could use a dolphin kick to get yourself back into the "I" position. Or just keep fluttering all the way through the sequence.

Does that make ANY sense? haha It's easy to watch it than to try to read what I wrote!
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