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Originally Posted by shuumai View Post
So, do the you, the people of this forum, practise staying under for up to 15m (16.4y)?
Yes. That doesn't mean that I'd necessarily do it in competition. Obviously, the faster you are at a particular stroke, the harder it is going to be to extend the distance over which you can profitably streamline underwater. I will tend to streamline underwater for a longer distance when I'm doing backstroke than when I'm doing freestyle because my backstroke is slower than my freestyle.

If so, do you do it during events that are 200-400m?
Not currently. The farther I swim without stopping to rest, the harder my body wants to breathe, and the harder it becomes to stay underwater for a long distance.

During breaststroke, is it practical to stay under for 15m since constant kicking isn't allowed?
I can streamline about half the length of a 25y pool when I'm doing breaststroke. I don't know what the limit is for elite breaststrokers.

I still can't believe the underwater limit isn't shorter in a shorter pool. I mean, 15m is 60% of 25m and 65.6% of 25y.
You could also argue on the same basis that it should be 30m in a 50m pool. I think the limit may have been based on how long it was deemed safe for swimmers to stay underwater, not on what percentage of their swim should consist of stroking.

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