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Originally Posted by Jamwhite View Post
With effort (which I reserve for master's drill which I disapprove of), I can get a little over half way before I start wanting to breath.
I did a writeup in the old forum that Terry republished in Total Swim:

about how I learned to pace myself in 50y breaststroke. My original plan had been to swim the first 25 as fast as I could and then to try to duplicate that for the second 25. But one of the obstacles I encountered was that after going all out in the first 25, I couldn't stay in a streamline very long after my turn because my body wanted air too badly.

The more that I've learned how much of an advantage swimmers can gain during their streamline, the more I've realized that it doesn't pay to go all out until your last length. Of course, the more you perfect your technique and the better you condition yourself, the faster you can go during those earlier laps without "going all out"! ;-)

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