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Default Psychology of length barriers.

I thought I might post this hopefully to support those who have struggled as I have with learning freestyle.

I have noticed recently on the forums that Cathy has been getting frustrated with swimming and she has a better style than I do.

Last night I swam, non stop, 16 lengths (no biggy to many of you), previous longest swim was 8 lengths last week. A 100% increase either side of the weekend. But....

Was this as tough as the increase from 25m to 50m or 50m to 75m?? No way. I thought I was going to be stuck at 25m for ever. My chest would tighten, my brain would absolutely display refusal behaviour.

I hope Cathy sticks at it, because in my opinion, she is so close to breaking the biggest barrier. All the dominoes should tumble after that.

I'm not a coach or a very good swimmer, but if I can help with any advice or visualisations of the early part of my journey, please let me know.

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