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Originally Posted by arunks View Post
I saw a video of Lindsay Benko who uses 2beat kick and a hip driven technique.
Click here.
According to the video, Lindsay uses a 6BK for sprints (up to 200m) and 2BK for the 400m. When using a 2BK, she switches to a more shoulder-driven stroke.

Notice how little she glides at the front of her 400m stroke. Notice that her tempo is 80-85 SPM.

Here's a transcript of the video commentary starting at 10:35:

[Mark Schubert] Lindsay uses a 2-beat kick for the 400; she has a higher tempo; her arms are at a higher stroke rate. 2 kicks per cycle.

[Lindsay Benko] When I use a 2-beat kick my arm tempo is a little bit faster than when I'm using a 6-beat kick, so i'm relying more on my arms.

Nice find!
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