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Default Light Weight Shoulder Workout

Originally Posted by Hscovern View Post
I remember years ago Terry had blog-type entries in one or a few issues of the Ti periodical concerning his use of TI to speed recovery after rotator cuff / Bankart lesion surgery. Are these still accessible? Do others have specific suggestions? I will be having rotator cuff repair soon. Thanks
Iíve never had a rotator cuff injury that required surgery, but I have shoulder bursitis and the light weight shoulder workout is a routine that Iíve been doing daily for the past three years and itís been very helpful for me. Itís my warm up when I go to the gym. When I go to the swimming pool, I do the same routine but without weights.

This is the text explanation of the light weight shoulder workout:

For those who need a visual explanation of the light weight shoulder workout:

Take heed of the suggestion to only use 5 or 7 pounds max dumbbell or weight plate. After one set, 5 pounds feels like 10 lbs. After two sets, it feels like 20 lbs.

Good luck on your post-rotator cuff surgery recovery.
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