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Default Moving Forward

I'm doing 50/50 during practice now. One 25 yd length free (avg 13 strokes at 28 sec.) and then one length fly (avg 7 strokes at 25 sec.) Keep it up for 2 miles (about an hour.) I had been doing 1 lap free (47), one length slow fly (38) and one length moderate fly (32), but I've been able to pick up the pace a bit. Last week I had one length when I went all out in fly, and felt like a rock skipped over a pond. I'm disappointed that I didn't time it, but it may have been my fastest length in any stroke. Swimming is counted as therapy both physically and mentally now, since the pressure at work is killing me. BTW, I work at the Census Bureau...

Ballroom dancing, swimming and tai chi are the ways I am using to stay alive...
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