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I'm convinced that at least half of what we call "the aging process" isn't really aging.

I used to coach a kids' chess team, and every spring we would go to a college near Boston where the kids would play in a tournament against kids from other areas. We went there on a Wednesday and came back the following Saturday, and during the intervening time, my personal habits were significantly different than they are when I'm at home. There was no pool at the college, so I couldn't swim. And the only food available was what they served at the college cafeteria and snack bar, which was definitely nowhere near as healthy as what I ate at home. When we returned, I'd invariably find that I'd put on a few pounds and lost a little ground with my swimming.

Now, imagine if I made these changes to my lifestyle, not for several days, but for several decades. I'd certainly deteriorate physically, and since I was older I could attribute that deterioration to aging. But it wouldn't be true!

There is a genuine aging process, but I'm convinced that much of what we call aging is really preventable, if we take the proper actions.

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