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I am back with this thread.
Returning to the pool at the end of July I focused for the next 3 months going through Ultra Efficient freestyle doing the drills.
I was able to stabilise my SPL to 18 and these were the times per 100M all at 18SPL
TT 1:20 / 2:08
TT 1:10 / 2:02
TT 1:00 / 1:56
So you can see a perfect symmetry in that.
Stuart had suggested that I may be raising my my head when breathing so I tested this by swimming with a snorkel but it made no no difference to SPL.
At 18 SPL I am just in my green zone.
I cannot get to a lower SPL even by swimming more slowly, sometimes I do fluke a 17 but that is rare.
I am now back in open water swimming 15-20 km per week and feel like I am clipping along.
I was surprised the other day when I met another swimmer going in the same direction about 500m from home.
The other swimmer was early 50s, swam totally flat with legs trailing down with no kick just whirled his arms over. I wanted to stay with him so I upped to about 80% but the time I got near home this guy was 50m in front of me. We were both in a similar wet suit.
Today I put the TT in place set at 1:10 and swam 3 km 1.5 against the tide and 1.5 with the tide in very flat glassy water.
My average 100m pace was 2:50 which is funereal. Felt like I was swimming very nicely, low splash, bow wave etc but the numbers say I am towing something.
Should my feet be pointed in the direction of travel or should my head go first?
Very mysterious.
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