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Yes, that was exactly where I was at and I thought that it was an unacceptable SPL and hence the reason why I was so slow in open water.
One objective in opening this thread was to try to ascertain just what was normal for rank and file TI people.
The 1:50 in the pool takes 100% and I couldn't maintain that in the open water for 2kms. If I dial back with the TT, to say 1:15, I take 18-20 strokes and I get through 100m in under 2:0.
The 1 hour 2k is constant swimming up and down which should cancel any current or wind direction.
Swimming again today in the sea and over 2km my rate was 2:56 per 100m, again according to Mr Garmin. Yes, it is in a 3/2mil wetsuit.
Swam 2km in a 1 mil short suit last week also in 1 hour so there is at least consistency.

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