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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
Not familiar with buoy turns.
There are numerous ways to do them. It's been a while since I've done the kind I was taught, but if memory serves, this is how to turn left to go counter-clockwise around a buoy in an open water event.
  1. As the left arm enters the water and pushes forward, use it as an axis to pivot around until you're on your back.
  2. As you recover your right arm, roll your body back over onto the front as the right arm enters the water again.
  3. Swim a few strokes until you're nearly past the buoy (or in this case, around the bottom of the passing lane)
  4. Repeat to turn 90 again to head up the other side
To turn clockwise, just reverse the arms and start with your right arm as the pivot.
I don't know if this explanation makes any sense, I'll have to practice this turn next time I'm swimming and see if I can describe it any more clearly.

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