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One further question: If I would have continued at a SR around 1.12 - 1.20 or so, I would have been in the yellow or even red region. I have been working around there for a while, not understanding why my speed does not improve.
. . . So how should we discover things like this?

A good question. The best answer is that it points up the value of experimenting outside what you feel is your 'comfort range' . . . so long as comfort isn't a truly fundamental issue in your swimming.

One of the principles I've espoused for training generally, and, in particular, for performance-oriented training that is focused on the improvement of mathematical metrics as with the Tempo Trainer is a willlingness-to-fail. Doing that requires you to redefine "failure."

You start the set hoping for a positive result. When you don't get the result you hoped for, it's critical to view that as information -- not a verdict.

In fact, to take this unemotional/analytical way of thinking even further, view the unsatisfactory result as letting you know the current limitations of a neural circuit. Knowing its limitations will show you how to improve it.
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