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Hi, try a pair of short fins and kick on your side ...lower arm is reaching for the far endwall and upper arm with hand retsing near your hip....just an easy quiet compact kick from the may need to roll past 90 degrees slightly onto your back to get up to the air

when comfortable with this roll to a 90 degree shoulders stacked position and swivel your head to breathe exhaling looking toward pool bottom and swiveling back up to the air

the fins will get you some momentum and help create a bow wave to breathe in

it's not about's about balance and streamlining

Didn't have chance to use fins today... But focused on advice and continuation of "balance"

Here is what's weird

If I start on my back I can achieve great balance... Even if I turn 45 degrees, I hit that "awesome" ( I believe ) sweet spot everyone talks about... Literally easily moving through water while barely kicking and arms on hips... If I try to do the face down opposite... I seem to have to "fight" for that balance and even noticed today I end up "going crooked"

Any idea why on back it seems 10 times easier? Obviously struggling with laser ...
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