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let me preface by saying, anything im about to say, you all have probably heard 100 times...

So im 38, and never really knew how to "Swim correct". Could i swim across a pool? sure... could i swim in ocean? sure.... but never efficiently. I commited a few weeks ago to learning how to freestyle correctly so i could easily swim in first pool ( 50 y/100 ya/ 250..etc) then transistion skills to open water...

now... I am a sinker. :)

I focused on bodybuilding and personal training for the better part of 10 years, i have a low BF (8-9%) and a strong developed upper back. (*Now im also aware top swimmers are pretty ripped too, but they worked there way up )

I am working with an instructor once a week, but get to my gym pool 4-5 days, and im 10000% committed to fixing this and learning, I WILL overcome this obstacle.

After few weeks here is what i have accomplished/concluded

1. I can float and tread water on my back at about 50% ease. i have to push my shoulders back and lean my head back and lift my hips to the surface, but i can do it...

when i flip over, face down.... i can do the same, ( i reach out my hand and i can feel the back of my head (most times) out of the water... i try not to kick to hard. Im defniitely one of those that has to "push the bouy" to create the lever.

practice alot of the drills below..

2. i absolutely am one of those swimmers, where if i lift my head/chin "up" even a little bit, my legs drop faster than the stock market in 2007. and the recovery is so difficult i lose my momentum.

3. When i go to move my chin to my shoulder to still 2-3 inches underwater, i just end up swallowing water. and then stop-city :). I dont feel like im "on the surface enough"... to continue to provide this point, i dont worry about inhaling, i just keep exhaling slowing to kind of "watch" my bubbles, and yes 9/10 my head is still too much below the surface...

WHen i super man, glide, i feel my head decent above the surface, but any "head/neck" engagement, seems to sink me. (INstructor thinks perhaps my developed neck/trap muscles" are part of the issue) hard to argue....any neck lift, i literaly feel like my feet running to pool

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated....will try to get video this week
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