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Originally Posted by Janos View Post
Hi all, the mention of rock climbing got me thinking of that old mantra of having three points of contact at all time. Thinking I could use that as a focal point when swimming too, I tried a few laps where the focus was on the application of power through my three points of contact when swimming two beat. Seems like an interesting way of playing with the timing of the power phase. First contact is recovery arm after it has entered water, second is vertical catch arm and third is kick. Applying force to them all at the same time makes your three points of contact. When thinking it through in underswitch I had some unbelievably smooth laps. Anybody else think through this part of the stroke holistically?

As in the phrase "Hand, hand, hip" or "Hand, hand, hip and hoof"? (first phrase ala Celeste St. Pierre, 2nd phrase my modification with the suggestion of "hoof" rather than Foot"

Nah...never thought about it. ;)

But you can move these focuses around to different body mention recoveyr arm, catch arm and kick...add a specific joint or body surface as a focus. Elbow, elbow, instep perhaps?

Mike Bottom has a youtube video where he is workign with his sprinters on four points of basically teach them to connect their hips to their shoulders (since they've primarly been taught a shoulder driven technique).
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