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Default Super-Slow Swimming

Need some advice. I've been trying Super-Slow Swimming, as recommended in Terry's book "Triathlon Swimming Made Easy."

On the good side of the ledger, I was able to do it without any struggling or even too much difficulty, which I take to mean that my overall balance and form aren't too bad. Also, after doing SSS for 15 minutes, I found that my whole-stroke at normal speed was definitely easier.

On the other hand, I found that, while I was doing SSS, my SPL went way up; almost by a factor of two. This is contrary to the book, which suggests that SSS results in very low SPLs because of the extra time to stretch farther, glide farther, &c.

Two questions:

1) What's up?
2) What stroke-rate would you say (approximately) is super-slow?


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