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Originally Posted by tecmo View Post
I had my first OW swim since starting TI in early January. I am a decent swimmer and have been making good progress in the pool. Well the OW swim was a real eye opener.

For some reason I could not get my "tempo" going. Normally in the pool I am very relaxed and can do a 3 stroke tempo very easy. In the water yesterday I felt like I was running out of breath if I wasn't breathing every 2 strokes.

Possible reasons:
- My wetsuit wasn't on properly (it felt ok) but breathing on my left side was very problematic

- My heart rate was too high (excitement due to the race) and I was running short on oxygen

- Other???

On the good news; there was a 2 minute stretch when I was swimming well and it was incredible how much faster I was. I was literally swimming over people; and doing probably 1/2 the stroke rate. If only I could have gotten into that tempo earlier...

I have made a commitment now to do more open water swimming once the weather warms up a bit.


Was the water choppy from wind, and even choppy from splash from other swimmers? Was there a noticeable current? Fighting with those things might be a factor as well.
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