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Default There has to be something that I'm missing

Just to put it out there before I continue, I have yet to be successful at acquiring any video footage for you to help me through critique; I have not been able to get a camera to shoot footage, and on top of that the pool I go to is very picky about cameras. There is a sign in the corridor from the showers to the pool indicating that cameras are not permitted. I am going to inquire as to why.

That being stated, I am about to throw my hands up in the air and say, "Forget this" when it comes to continue to swim. I know that the TI method is not the only way of learning, but it is what I have been told is the best. I really find it to be helpful. But there must be something I am missing, so if I do not say forget it, I'll fall back to basic drills.

The left arm limitations have been addressed as much as possible, but I am still fighting with my breathing. I have tried to be mindful of not rotating so much; and even tried the "keeping one goggle wet" approach. I am taking in water up my nose and in my mouth with this approach; I then dug out a noseclip I had in the bottom of my bag to see if I could at least cure the water up the nose. This cured water up the nose but only created more problems with my mouth because I not only have to exhale with my mouth only, but I have to be quick enough to inhale with my mouth before I start exhaling with my face in the water. This took me back to the over-rotation. Is there some sort of groove or trough that you can make with your stoke pattern to take in air with having your mouth barely out of the water?

I know you all rather see footage rather than just read about it, and I'll see what I can do. Getting one-on-one instruction would be nice, but the budget does not allow it at this point.
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