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Well, here is something new when I went to the pool this morning; two things that happened ended up "bittersweet." First, I thought I had the overcompensation thing "corrected" because I am not rotating as much. I got a handful of laps in with no problem at all, then something switched like at the snap of the finger. I could not get a steady exhale all the way through to the next breath. As more swimmers got into the water and the pool got somewhat choppy, water was entering my nose and I began sucking water in with each breath.

I decided not to get discouraged, but instead try to adjust a few things and eventually got back into rhythm of things. I am still trying to work on getting video footage of my swimming for you folks to help me out.

But here is the second thing that was not so great, and it might force some down time before I go to the pool next. I stated earlier that the pool was rather active; some lanes were being shared. As I was swimming, another guy was going to get in the same lane as me, and I am more than glad to share. But he apparently was not paying attention to the fact I was swimming toward the wall and the deck on which he was standing; he dove right in and collided with me, and we bumped each other pretty hard yet nobody was seriously hurt. If I had seen him, I would have slowed down and/or moved over. I hope to get back to the pool soon so I can focus on getting a handle on my breathing issues permanently.
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