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Originally Posted by Alex-SG View Post
By the way, for those who think TI Swimmers are SLOWER...

In my Open Water Race (1.650m) I started at the back and for the first 1000m of the race was pretty much on my own still at the back. In the last 650m I passed about 5 people.

I guess those non-TI swimmers run out of steam while we (Efficient TI guys) still have energy left

Great job alex. I had the same (similar) experience swimming next to the masters in the lane next to me. The lane leader and I pushed off together. I'd just fnished a stroke counting pyramid set with the tempo trainer, and my strokes were consistent with each lap.

So when she and I stayed together for the first 50, then I pulled far, far ahead of her on the 2nd 50... I knew my pace had stayed the same, whereas hers had significatly slowed from the start.

First time I've experienced that perfectly...she who slows down the slowest (or not at all) wins.
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