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Default Using Fins

Originally Posted by RadSwim View Post
Some would say that I was fin dependent -- but I never saw regular fin use as problem. I have always worn fins for kicking drills, and never plan to give them up. I can skate across the pool without them, but I get more from the drills with fins on kicking gently.

I wore fins for the better part of 2 years when I started TI freestyle swimming as a 40-something adult. When I started, I needed them to power my stroke. I stopped wearing them when I had developed enough core muscle strength to power my stroke without fins.

Fins are a great tool -- don't avoid them for fear of creating dependency. If you are frustated and struggling, try fins -- keep using them until you have grown beyond them.


Spot on Rad. I think the key thing for many people, like myself, is to remain in a comfort zone, then we can make progress. If it means using fins, so be it, no problem. They will eventually come off. Neat to hear that your stroke/core strength got to the point that you did not need fins any longer.
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