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Originally Posted by jkmacman View Post
Is this a swimming forum? I thought I read here that someone swam 10K in under 1.5 hours yesterday in s.F. bay?

Swimming a 17.5 mile race in NY harbor could be an awesome goal
jkmacman, I'm the one who did the 10K, and yes I did it in 1hr:29mins in the San Francisco Bay on October 17th of this year. One year to the day that I learned to swim and swim TI. How did I do it? Well, hard work on my TI form and a great flood tide of 3.5 knots :) But that is the glory of ow swimming you get help from the currents at times.

As for your 17.5 mile race, work up to it slowly with lesser races , get a solid coach if you can who can advise you on race strategy, nutrition, training etc and then go for it! I believe you can do it! Good luck :)
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