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Originally Posted by whoiscathy View Post
To give you an idea:

I used to do 25m with 16 strokes without effort, 17-18 as I was getting tired, and could do 15 if I made an effort.

Now 20 is default, 19 is pushing it, and 17 took ALL my mental effort and concentration and I could only do it once during the last month's sessions, for one single length.
I haven't counted my strokes for a long time, I suspect it's over 20 for 25 metres, but at that count I can sprint 25 metres in under 20 seconds from a push off. Last time I raced my daughter in the 50 metre pool I think it took about 42 seconds.

Fair to say I don't count strokes and don't care how many it takes, learning to swim in my late 40's and now being in my 50's able to swim continuously albeit slowly or knock out a fast 50 metres gives me an exercise option for the rest of my life.

Perseverance and not setting goals too high got me to this point.
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