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One word: horrendous!
Well you say that as you are unhappy with the pace at which you are closing in with your goals or because you don't enjoy it?
For me enjoying it is the more important, listen to the skin, the proprioception, the feel of it all. A teacher is insightfull so is you body.

I spend quite sometime fighting with front crawl it start to come together though had I only focus on front crawl I would dare to say that my swimming history would be much more frustrating.
WHen I swim I like to enjoy, so a do some work on front crawl (and for months I pased actually) but I do lot of dolphin undulation at the push when I feel like it. I train to do dolphin on the back (which still feel my sinus... though for some reason less than my dreadful flip turns... lol), I do lots of breaststroke (the most natural stroke for me), I also do a lot back stroke.
Whenever I feel like it I train to dive/starts.

That is a lot of thing to do whereas only my front crawl bothers me, I was slow at first in backstroke, dolphin.. the same it took me a while before I had the arm in front. I did supa slow 50m length doing crappy dolphin kick and breast arm... I mean that can be punishing in many way, it is tiring done wrong and you can get passed by gramma doing gramma's breast => you feel the butthurt slightly lol I see plenty of people that can't go through that they put on palm and what not.
I was not concerned either with my speed in backstroke, I used it a relax stroke, no stress on breathing, supposedly good for you back, etc.
The thing is the feel for the water is the same and you will sure learn things that you will use consciously or not use during front crawl.
Flip turn are also interesting (mine is still quite ridiculous but I know where to go further leverage the head up then down and a lot more relaxation.. such a key word in swimming).

Point is my goal is to be able to swim say a triathlon, short open water event. Now I realized I want and can learn all 4/5 strokes and that I could enjoy also shorter event if my swimming level allows.
It is a state of mind don't get too focused on a single goal or technical element, indeed you can do exercices about this and that but ultimately it is one stroke, as for swimming it is not "reall" about your goal, or even feeling comfortable in the water, it is about YOU spending your freetime in an element you have to like so enjoy. Enjoy is the best motivation there is and there are a lot of thing to enjoy. It is great to have a playbook you want to follow to get from A to B, it never worked for me, it worked for you and might very well keep working though water is many things among which stuborn, it won't bind to anybody's will.

Keep the playbook but you could consider "letting go" a lot more. Swimming is a bout swimming, front wrawl is only.

PS I do not care if you post/hijack in thread in the slightest :) Makes things a little chaotic but that is life and the only known way to get a conversation going. Not everything happen in an expectable manner that is fine (with me at least).
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