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Default What do you do when you're in the water?

Is this a swimming forum? I thought I read here that someone swam 10K in under 1.5 hours yesterday in s.F. bay?

After being a member of one pool or another for around 15 years, I finally took lessons this summer from a TI coach.

I have the TI book and now own 3 TI videos. A couple of years ago I started doing Triathlon's so I'd like to improve the speed of my freestyle.

What do you practice when you're in the water? I was in the pool over the week end (yesterday) for a short time and didn't have the lane to myself.

I do some triple stich drills, some one arm drills, some back stroke mixed w/ freesyle (4 back strokes + 3 free style). As well as some breast stroke.

Although I haven't been swimming nearly enough, I'm happy with my freestyle progress. I don't do many flip turns, but I have a nice rebound off the wall, my coach showed my for freestyle & back stroke.

I hope to swim more efficiently, more frequently and get faster on freestyle & back stroke and eventually add butterfly and breast stroke.

Swimming a 17.5 mile race in NY harbor could be an awesome goal

2009 Swim Series
Congratulations to Julie Sheldon, the winner of this year's Ederle Swim; full results will be available shortly. Thank you to all of the swimmers and volunteers who helped to make this year's race a success.

Ederle Swim

This is a low-key event, harkening back to the earlier days of open-water swimming, but there's nothing low-key about the challenges of following Gertrude Ederle's 17.5-mile swim course from Battery Park to Sandy Hook, NJ. Recent swimmers have had to contend with severe chop, fog, and unseasonably warm temperatures as they made the crossing through New York Harbor, yet with today's knowledge of the tides, most participants cover the course faster Ederle's record, which lasted from 1925 until 2006. With especially fast tides in 2009, the record may drop again.

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