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Default hi mikey!

Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Both the snorkel and fins are great tools to help our way along the learning curve. The thing I think we
should be careful about is not becoming dependant upon them.
I have become more dependant upon the fins than the snorkel
and I'm trying to shed this by always swimming the last 15 or 20 minutes of a pool visit without them
(as well as for other times of the same visit).
The snorkel makes breathing so easy
that it provides for an ease of practice of the drills.

Right Pat?

The snorkel is a different kind of breathing (mouth breathing) the inability to get air thru the nose! limits how I get my air....makes me go in PANIC MODE
& It is one experience that I would NOT prefer!

I do Not like to see the SNORKEL MASK used without the snorkel....
I have pet pevs....I wish I did NOT!
It is a great set when used together!

I am still working on not getting upset with things I have NO CONTROL over!
Hi Mikey....

Masterin' My Middle Eastern Dance! known as *beledi alway formed an intergral part of women's gatherings, dancing was a very personal expression, the dancer were not judge or compared to one other.
This was not a competition, no one was better than her neighbor,
and no matter how poor or unskilled a dancer,
she was never criticized;
every dancer received only encouragement and praise from her companions
*EXCERPT FROM "Virgins of Paradise by Barbara Wood!

hi mikey,

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