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A few years ago I asked a question here in search of mind-sets or methods to attain the ability of swimming continuous lengths. The thread almost took on a life of its own with many helpful replies. Charles suggested just going as slowly as possible so not to become tired out and to have time to study what you were doing. Other suggestions were to hold out a reward if a certain length were attained. And on the other side of the coin ... don't beat yourself up if you fail to attain a goal. And then there was the suggestion of "just do it" -- push through and keep it going. It was an interesting thread with some good pointers.

So what helped me the most was going slowly and pushing through. I seldom keep track of how many lengths I swim but generally swim for at least an hour (summer out door pool) or 2 hours at a time over the winter months (indoor pool). After much practice I am finally able to swim a 50M at will. This summer I tried to end most hour swims with 4 continuous lengths and a couple with 6. Slow and ease but not pretty.

Yesterday, the outdoor Lions pool closed for the season and I feel it was my best swimming ever. Things clicked. The breathing was relaxed with very little if any head lifting. Why does this happen on the last day. I feel now that I would gain a lot from a TI workshop if I were able to get to one. Some day, maybe. (The water was warm this summer Eric, and the crowds were small. Last Sunday morning I had the entire pool to myself. Maybe see you next summer?)

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My question was posted in July 2013:
If you're not swimming; then you should be skiing......

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