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Hi Danny,

Thanks! :)

I too use that split TT timing. It helps me to find imbalances between left and right sides, especially if I play about with what point in my stroke I focus the beat on.

Originally Posted by Danny View Post
.. at 1.2s/stroke (what you used) I was surprised (and dismayed) to discover that I got my fastest lap times with 3-4 beats after push-off. At 0.6s/beat, this means I am using a lot shorter push-off than in your calculation. This may mean that I am not very streamlined, but it is what it is. So my suggestion is try playing around with shorter push-off times to see what it does to your times. Your SPL may go up, since you are now swimming a longer distance per lap, but your lap times may go down.
Your results just show that your push-off is not getting you very far for the time you spend in it. I find that the distance I get from my push off varies by a metre or more. It does mean that streamline in the push-off glide is poor but NOT that streamline is generally poor!

You can see precisely what effect all the various things have by plugging in the values for the various variables (but remember: GIGO).

Send me a PM with an email address and I'll send you the spreadsheet. There isn't a way to attach it to this post :(
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