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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
So, my conclusion of the week is to go easy with stroke improvement; to improve technique/feel and then maybe even slow down or not try and go any faster at least until I have grooved the new stroke and swimming thereby feels easier. Then might be the right time to take up the slack created in the system by improved technique and increase my pace.
I'd suggest a slightly different approach:

1) Use a Tempo Trainer to identify the stroke rate at which you are currently swimming your best/most efficient stroke. Also count the number of strokes you are taking per length when you are using that best/most efficient stroke.

2) Try gradually reducing the interval on your TT and see how far you can lower it while maintaining the same stroke count per length.

As you keep gradually reducing the TT interval time from practice to practice, you should find that you are able to maintain the same stroke count at faster and faster paces.

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