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Default How much pee is in this pool?

I have a friend who absolutely refuses to swim in a public pool because she believes itís a cesspool. That fear was reinforced when she heard a competitive swimmer say everyone pees in the pool because you have to stay hydrated and you canít leave the pool during a match or practice. This article will reinforce her belief that itís a cesspool. She does, however, swim in the lake during the summer months. Iíve pointed out to her that the lake water is probably more contaminated with street, agriculture, lawn care run-off, septic tank leaks, duck and other bird feces, parasites, etc.

Perhaps Iím aging myself, but I remember back in the 1960ís, my local swimming pool would have all the swimmers (mostly kids) completely leave the pool every hour or two. They would test the water, but its primary purpose was to give (or force) the kids the opportunity to empty their bladders in a toilet instead of the pool.
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