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Default Going a mile!

Originally Posted by andrewuza View Post
I swim the alphabet ... 1st wall touch A, second touch B, etc. I do still have to repeat it as I'm swimming ("n, n, n...") but even if I space out a little, I'm usually not more than a letter or so off so it's easier for me to keep track than it has been for me to keep track of numbers while swimming.
I just want to thank ANDREWUZA for this tip about the alphabet. My wife bought me an elaborate swim watch that apparently counts laps, but I don't have the patience to use it and I don't want to interrupt my stroke to punch a button each lap.

So I just swam nearly a mile tonight while 'counting' through the alphabet. There were some distractions, like when I noticed someone standing at the end of my lane and wondered whether they wanted to share it, but for the most part, I was able to keep count fairly well. With about every 2nd or 3rd stroke, I'd remind myself of the letter, or think of a word that began with it and 'announce' it to myself.

I made it through the alphabet once and then started over and went up to the letter I. So 26 + 9 = 35 laps = 1750 yards or .994 miles!

Thanks so much! I'll be using this again.

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