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Just post the summary of everything he says there.
Why is he is swimming like he does
Ok. Just to clarify. Narrator is another guy nothing to do with the swimmer. my guess he using the old footage with Nikitin as a demonstration. Here is my translation. I found it is not so much informative, though:

Technique of freestyle with 6-beat kick, suitable for medium and long range distance is demonstrated by Ilya Nikitin.
Pay attention to peculiar way and moving rhythm of hands and feet. Shoulders make assymetric movements with emphasis on one hand's water catch. This is an individual characteristic of the technique. It helps prolong and reinforce the beginning of the stroke, additionally activate core muscels for the stroke phase and take a breath.
Breaking up in phases:
0:37 Gripping water with one hand while the other hand exits water
0:45 Beginning of the stroke, pull with one hand while the other hand recovers above water
0:52 Second half of the stroke: Keep pulling while the other hand enters and establishes grip of water
1:40 Breathing and kicking is coordinated with the rhythm dictated by the assymetry of hand's movement. This assymetry is common between middle and long-distance swimmers. Some elite world class swimmers have it too. Usually it increaces the stroke efficency and storke length.


Hope that helps. I wonder how you found this video.
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