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Originally Posted by sclim View Post
Haha ZT, coincidentally I already watched this same clip that you referenced on another thread (to do with the 'Early Vertical Forearm, Is Over-emphasised" question, but ironically, I never got a clarification on that) and after watching the part that was relevant to my question, kept on watching and saw the nugget of information at 7:20. For those that didn't click on it to watch at 7:20, Gerry explains that the beard on shoulder rash is a symptom of the swimmer who turns to breathe too late in the arm pull/recovery cycle or breathes on time but delays too long in getting his head back to facing down.
This confirms my suspicions--thanks. However, I notice that if I am really pushing the shoulder forward to get strong extension on the spear, my shoulder actually comes into contact with my beard on the side of my jaw even when my head is down and I'm looking straight ahead in the mirror. So it'll be interesting to see if that's enough to cause some rubbing even after I break my habit of keeping my head turned too long.
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