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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
I have to ask--when do you record your results in your training?--after each grouping (tuneup, main set, etc) or after you finish your swim? . . . As I am typing this, I thought that this must just be another way to increase focus on what a swimmer s/b doing.
Exactly. I don't record anything during practice--but I remember almost everything. In many regards, my memory is relatively poor. This is simply a demonstration of how trainable the brain is.
I started in quite a simple way, by counting strokes. That exercise started the process of being able to keep track of many aspects of a set, and developed the ability to do pretty dense on-the-fly analysis of my swims -- math problems of all sorts really.

I thought about the likelihood that the great amount of detail I record in these posts may be intimidating to some readers and have pondered ways I can reduce it while still conveying the essence of my sets and tasks.

However these posts also serve as my training log. And being able to check the data from a set I did last week, month, or year is essential for me in comparing with today's performance or to set a practice goal. So that's why I record here as much as I can recall.
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