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Monday 7 Dec 2300y in 45 min
Tuneup-- Long Axis Groovin'

I feel like I need to keep repeating Alan's fun swimmin' brainteaser until I can get through it without miscues.
I added a little twist.

First I did
25BK 75FR
50BK 50FR
75BK 25FR
at 15 SPL FR and 16 SPL BK
My time was 8:37

Then I did it in reverse, subtracting 1 SPL for each -- 14 SPL FR and 15 SPL BK
25FR 75BK
50FR 50BK
75FR 25BK
My goal was to swim faster, even while subtracting 20 total strokes.
I barely made that goal with a time of 8:36.

Then I did it a third time, repeating the first version and returning to 15 and 16 strokes. Naturally I expected to swim quite a bit faster. And I did -- 8:14.

Gears Sets
I wrapped up with 4 x (3 x 50) Gears Practice
The odd rounds were backstroke as:
14+15 SPL
15+16 SPL
16+17 SPL
The even rounds were freestyle as:
13+14 SPL
14+15 SPL
15+16 SPL

The idea in these is to descend each round 'automatically' -- i.e. swim faster without trying, simply by adding a stroke each lap.
I struggled to do that on backstroke, but did it with ease on freestyle
Round 1 I swam 51 sec for all three
Round 2 I swam 43-42-41 sec.
Round 3 51-50-49 sec. Better here. I fixed errors I'd made on 1st round
Round 4: 43-42-41 sec.
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