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Default Brain Teaser "Long Axis Groovin"

Sat 5 Dec 1600y in 35 min

A 'Long Axis Combo' is a swim that alternates backstroke and freestyle. Alan did a set earlier this week that he called Long Axis Groovin'
I tried it today. Two successful attempts and two aborted ones made up my entire practice. I timed them and counted strokes.
Alan called it
2 x continuous 500s as...
25BK 75FR
50BK 50FR
75BK 25FR

Rest 20 sec then...
25FR 75BK
50FR 50BK
75FR 25BK

I did the first version as my Tuneup. I held 15SPL Free and 16SPL Back.
My time was 8:37. I began the 2nd version--starting with 100 BK--on 9:00, a bit more than 20 sec rest.
After about 300 yards I realized I'd lost track of where I was.
I started again.
And again, I lost track after 300 yards. I was feeling uncharacteristically distracted today.

So I repeated version 1, starting with 100 FR. This time I made it all the way through. I shaved a few strokes and 26 seconds over my first attempt, finishing this one in 8:11.

I'll return to this in the next day or two and 'crack this nut' -- i.e. complete both versions without losing my way.
Stay tuned.
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